Leadership – What makes an effective leader?

Leadership – and how to be an effective leader.
Leadership is the ability…


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How to become self actualised

Achieving self-actualisation Being able to fulfil one’s aspirations, hopes and dreams can lead to achieving self-actualisation. Being the best that you can be is the key goal, especially when applying Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” (1943). Personifying self-actualisation helps to understand the conc

11 easy tips to help you mentally declutter

To declutter your mind, you need to focus on acting with intention. You need to use your time and energy as efficiently as possible, by focusing on the things that need your attention most. Here are 11 easy tips to help you to start to mentally declutter. 1. Make a note of reasons to be thankful Being

Train your brain to stay focused

It is difficult to maintain one’s focus as an entrepreneur due to the varied nature of one’s responsibilities. Nevertheless, a clear understanding of your capabilities can allow you to leverage your strengths to boost your productivity, and if you know how to, you can keep a high level of focus even in the busiest settings.

The Advantages Of Boardroom Presence Of Females

The Advantages Of Boardroom Presence Of Females The ambitions of any prospective company would be crucially facilitated by diversity. However a firm’s performance will strengthen in accordance with a higher diversity of viewpoints being expressed in the boardroom, it is apparent that a narrow viewpoint has pervaded and dominate

Importance Of Leadership In Women

Importance Of Leadership In Women The number of women in leadership roles is steadily increasing, with seeing the female representation of board members in UK companies higher than ever, 2018 seeing a slight increase in the number of women holding positions in senior leadership. However, this push in the right directio

The Three Main Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face

​​​​​​The Three Main Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face The number of women entrepreneurs is growing. In the UK, there’s been a 45% increase in women starting their own businesses since 2006. Despite this, however, men are more likely to set up on their own, and more likely to believe they’ll make it big.