We've all read about the Hollywood stars who swear that their beauty regime consists of nothing more than a daily swipe of Nivea or a quick wash with soap and water, but who actually believes them? The fact is that most of the women and men who are in the business of looking good tend to pay a king's ransom for every miracle product going. They do this because they can afford to, and because they know that when they look great, they feel great too. It is an established fact that the way we look affects how we feel. When we know that everything is perfectly put together, the boost to our well-being and self-confidence is enormous. The beauty business is increasingly embracing innovations in the field of science and technology, and this is becoming evident in the emergence of additional high-quality products onto the market.


Once the preserve of science-fiction, nanotechnology is widely used in cosmetics such as skincream, sunscreen, and shampoo. Zinc oxide nanoparticles are used in sunscreen to block UV rays, whilst proteins derived from stem cells are used in some skincreams. Nanoparticles are used because of their ability to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin than conventional ingredients.


Botox has long been the gold standard of wrinkle busters, and it is still widely used by those who want a smooth, taut look. Botox application techniques are advancing constantly, but the new guys on this particular block are injectable fillers such as Perlane, Juvederm, and Artifill. These can be used by skilful practitioners to lift and sculpt the face without the need for surgery. Laser treatment techniques, which use CO2 to rejuvenate the skin, are also advancing apace and they are becoming popular because they don't involve surgery, hence offering faster recovery times.


You can't discuss advances in beauty without mentioning the massive change brought about by advances in mobile and online shopping. In this selfie-obsessed age, people want everything instantly, and this is where the internet comes into its own, both in terms of instant availability of information and products, and the opportunities it creates for promotion. Big names such as YSL and L'Oréal have tapped into this by offering digital 'try-before-you-buy' services to online customers, with video tutorials and virtual make-up experiences using facial mapping technology.

With the latest advances in anti-ageing technology and beauty treatments becoming ever more affordable, more of us are joining the fight against ageing and feeling good in the process.

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